Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I used to be certain...

...but now I'm not so sure.

It's a BIG decision, getting the floor plan right.

Colours and finishes, they're temporary (hopefully someone has painted over the apricot coloured walls of my first home built in the 1988 by now!), but if the rooms don't flow, the spaces don't match the way you live, then the house won't work, no matter whether you've gone for a tiled or glass splash back.

It's spreadsheet time.  Room sizes.  Standard inclusions.  Price.  Reputation.
Objective and measurable.  That's the way to make a decision.  Except it isn't!  What about the feel?

So the four on our shortlist get another visit;
  Boutique's Oslo
  Porter Davis' Dakar
  Sienna's Eve
  Inspired Home's Aria (modified).

The reasons the first 3 were rejected still hold true.  We take the lessons from each (and there were many), send the consultants a massive thanks for leading us to our decision, and we head out to do some more research on our selected builder, Inspired.

Turns out they don't build their own homes.  They design in a unique way and sub by out the build process to Arden Homes.  Makes sense.  Best we check out the quality of an Arden build before we go much further.

It's awesome.  Not just in a descriptive sense, it is literally producing some awe-struck emotions.  But the garage is on the wrong side, the master is at the front, living area faces the wrong way, and it doesn't quite work as a treatment space.

That's our line of escape from the sales office, at least.  Until the super helpful sales guy says "hang on - let me play for a minute".  Copy.  Cut.  Twist.  Flip.  Paste.  PERFECT!

Here's my card.  Take my money.  Yes, we're sure.  Maybe.

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