Sunday, October 16, 2016

House of sticks

Pinch me!  We've got the outline of a house.  Our home.

Can't wait to see our huge sliding doors that lead onto the sun court.  And that window on the left; that's where my desk will go.  From here I can see all the way over into the park.

If you look really closely you can see the elevated ceiling in the living area, and I hadn't realised that you could see allllll the way through the house from back door to front.

This is the really cool, albeit slightly scary, part of making so many modifications to the base plan.  Every little reveal is a surprise.  And so far we're loving the flow, the space and the light.  Hopefully we feel the same when it starts to become closed in with roof (this coming week) and external walls (maybe the following week).

Tomorrow we meet our site supervisor for a walk-through, just to make sure everything is as we'd imagined before they go any further.

Very positive experience with Arden so far.  It's going to be a great build!


  1. eagerly awaiting your further build process

  2. Some Photos please - how's the hebel and render going

  3. Hi BigRedDoor

    Congrats on your build. We had a look on your house externally just a couple of weeks back when we visited Arden homes display near you. It still had the fence around. The view in your photo from main entrance to the rear is amazing. I think it will look awesome once the driveway and front landscaping is complete.

    Our colours went o.k. But did not get the quote for the Front entry 1200mm Pivot INFWS 5VG OR 6G. SWAN RIVER JARAH.

    The house is looking amazing and hope you put some more photos once you go for final inspection.