Monday, October 3, 2016

It's raining, it's pouring

Springtime in Melbourne; warm days, wet days, magpie attacks, more wet days.

With the forecast showing 80% chance of rain until Thursday (which is predicted to be 26!  go figure), we weren't expecting any movement on the slab pour.

And yet I drove past a touch before 7am.  As you do.  To see...

The concrete pump stretching it's legs.

OMG.  Today is pour day.

Seriously?  Today is pour day?

That's not sunrise; that's a whopping storm and it's headed right for Balanced HQ.

Right on queue, our Site Supervisor gives me a call to share the exciting news that the concrete will be going down today.  His reaction to me already knowing gives me the impression that clients don't actually visit their site twice each day.  And definitely not before 7am.  

Mum pops into clinic for a treatment later in the day - complete with pics of a swarm of dudes knee deep in cement.  We ooh and ahh over them as though they're a newborn.

Ten hours later they're still on site trying to dry it out with the helicopter.

Doesn't it look beautiful?

Garage, porch, showers, suncourt; there it all is.

Can I move in yet??


  1. Hi BigRedDoor

    Did you have to submit front yard landscape plan for approval. Did you also have to do letterbox and driveway prior to obtaining certificate of occupancy.

    1. Hey there PEast. Yes, we did have to submit a pretty rough outline of our landscape plan. I don't think we do need driveway and letterbox before we can move in though.